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[Resource recovery facility]
* SPC Group (Daegwallyeong Seol ranch)
* Municipal office of Yanggu
* Mackwoo Farming Association
* Goseong Recycling Farming Association
* Milyang Pig Farming Association
* Hampyeong Toji Farming Association
* National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
* of Yanggu, Kangwon-do
* Jeju Sami Farming Association
* Jeju Pig Farming Association
[Government offices and procurement office]
* Gyeongsangbuk-do School Board
* Municipal office of Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
* Inje Municipality Office (Clean workplace)
* Korea Racing Authority (Jangsu farm & ranch)
* Yeonam Animal & Poultry Science College
[Other 1,000 or more family farms]
* Israel (JS2000)
* Malaysia (JS2000)
* China (Aeration pump)
* Other 1,000 or more family farms
* National Agricultural Cooperative Federation of Ansung Bogae
* Production line installation for the expeller cake and organic fertilizer, NDF * Corporation

* Installation of pellet machines and robots for National Agricultural
* Cooperative Federation

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